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Winter Is Coming...Be Foot Wise.

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Winter is Coming... Be Foot Wise by David Webby.

Winter feels like it has arrived, and with that, tight winter shoes, and neglect can cause problems with our feet. Daniel Lewis and David Webby, Podiatrists from Kingston Beach Health Centre, are committed to improving the foot health in the community.

David, who moved from Sunny Queensland 18 months ago, says that he has never seen so many Chilblains in his career. He goes onto say that for some people during winter, the neurovascular system can cause the blood to be shunted away from the feet. Common symptoms can include itching or painful red/purple patches on toes or other parts of the feet. Podiatrists use cushioned padding and would discuss preventative measures to help alleviate these issues.

Other common conditions, which affect feet during winter are corns and Ingrown toe nails. Daniel Lewis points out that a lot of problems stem from tight or inappropriately fitted shoes. He says Ingrown toe nails are often caused by pressure, but in some cases the incurvation of the nail causes pressure along the sides of the nail sulci creating pain. Podiatrist are highly trained to treat and rectify this issue by permanently removing the painful edge. David says he is often surprized at patient’s comments, who have had previous painful and unsuccessful ingrown toe nail treatments. He says, as Podiatrists, we can offer a permanent solution with minimal discomfort.

Winter also has a drying effect on the skin as circulation to the peripheries are reduced, resulting in heel cracks. David says a Podiatry treatment to trim the calluses, followed by paw paw ointment is one of his favourite treatments. It’s very rewarding to send a happy patient out the door with revitalised feet.

For a winter tune-up, book an appointment with one of our Podiatrists at Kingston Beach Health Centre at 2 Recreation Street, Kingston Beach. Phone 6229 9844, or visit for further information.

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