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Kingston Beach Health Centre – for health and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing of ourselves is one of the fundamental aspects for quality of life. Podiatrist’s Daniel Lewis and David Webby, from Kingston Beach Health Centre, know how the health of our feet contributes not just to our physical welling being, but our mental, and emotional health.

David says ‘we often see how debilitating pain or other foot problems can show on a person’s face. Feet are a reflection of how we are moving forward in life, and if we are in pain then it affects our how wellbeing.’

Daniel, who has managed the clinic with the help of his partner Mel since September 2008, knows the impact as a Podiatrist can contribute to the vitality of a person’s lifestyle. ‘I see so many patients who have reduced their exercise or their work due to heel pain or another debilitating condition.’

Daniel and David are here to offer a comprehensive assessment of your feet, and treat all types of foot conditions, ingrown toe nails, corns and calluses, pain and other disorders of the lower extremities. We also have a laser scanner to take a perfect image of your foot, which can be used to create 3D printed Orthotics, ensuring the best contour of your arch and control to resolve foot pain.’

Daniel says ‘Orthotic devices and supportive footwear can make a great impact on the alignment of your body, and take pressure off knees and your lower back’.

Kingston Beach Health Centre also offers other services from a variety of practitioners including Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Psychologist, and Massage. David says ‘I like the interaction and cross referrals from the other practitioners at the Health Centre, to help support and offer a more holistic approach to a person’s health’.

Situated on the corner of Recreation St and Beach Rd, Kingston Beach Health Centre is next door to Liberty petrol station. One of our receptionists Paula, says ‘patient’s love the easy parking and ground floor access. We also have a large waiting area, which is very comfortable and relaxing, and disabled ramps and rails, which gives easy access for wheelchairs and people with wheelie walkers’.

So, to help you improve your Health and Wellbeing, see Daniel and David, at Kingston Beach Health Centre, 2 Recreation Street, Kingston Beach. Phone 6229 9844 or visit to book an appointment online.

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