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Painful Feet During Pregnancy?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Painful Feet During Pregnancy by David Webby.

The Podiatry association encourages Podiatry intervention for pregnant mothers because it is one area that often gets missed out, as their foot problems are often overlooked and other medical aspects of pregnancy are prioritised.

Daniel Lewis, a Podiatrist at Kingston Beach Health Centre, knows all about the woes that pregnancy causes to feet. His wife has had 3 kids and has experienced the weight gain, swollen feet, and leg cramps. ‘It is important to wear comfortable, supportive shoes; your feet will thank you, as they won’t have to work so hard to keep you stable. You may find also, that with swelling you will need a shoe size bigger that what you are used to’, said Daniel.

Jane Baldwin, Midwife from Calvary Hospital, is surprized at how many pregnant women come in to the hospital wearing thongs. She says ‘Yes they have swollen feet, but I tell them afterwards that they should think about wearing more supportive shoes’. She has had first hand experience of getting planter fasciitis after her first birth because of not wearing supportive shoes.

David Webby, who also works at Kingston Beach Health Centre, says, it is common medical knowledge that the hormone Relaxin, which is excreted during the last stages of preganancy, causes ligaments to relax around the pelvis, and can also cause the ligaments to over-stretch in the feet. Along with the extra weight gain and other biomechanical stresses on the body, the arch can collapse and can result in adverse conditions such as planter fasciitis, bunions, and neuromas.

David also said ‘having an appointment with your Podiatrist, before the birth process, is a great ideal. We can attend to those cracked heels and toe nails, before you have the baby, as you may not have time afterwards’.

So whether it is foot pain, swollen feet, or cracked heels, Daniel and David, Podiatrists at Kingston Beach Health Centre can offer professional help and foot advice for those pregnant Mums in need.

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