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October is Foot Health Week

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

As part of Foot Health Week coming up in October, the Australian Podiatry association are collating some heartfelt stories from Podiatrists to promote the amazing contribution they do to help patients in the community get back on their feet and stay healthy.

David Webby and Daniel Lewis from Kingston Beach Health Centre know how important it is to have healthy and pain free feet.

’I had several children this year, who had sore knees or sore heels, particularly after playing in demanding sports such as soccer', says David. 'It is very common for children aged 8 to 12 to suffer from inflamed growth plates, such as Severs or Osgood Slatters. We are able to assess and incorporate a slimline Orthotic into their soccer boots to reduce the irritating forces on those areas, with great success!' ' I had one young girl who had Hip, Knee, and Ankle pain due to hypermobile joints. She got 100% relief within a week. It is very important to get kids back quickly to sport, both for their health and esteem within themselves and amongst fellow team mates.'

If you have some sort of pain, either in your feet, knees or back, maybe we can make a difference for you.

Please ring 6229 9844 to make an appointment, or book online at Kingston Beach Health Centre or

Why suffer a moment longer ...

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