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Learn to Love your Feet

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Learn to Love Your Feet by David Webby.

David Webby, Podiatrist at Kingston Beach Health Centre, used this catch phrase during his Footcare Projects in Peru in 2010, and in 2015, in supporting village communities, high in the mountains around Pisac, Sacred Valley.

David recalls ‘it was a great opportunity to give something back to the local communities. Many of the indigenous people, who live in the high altitude, suffer from malnutrition and harsh dry conditions which in turn affects their feet. I was able to provide laminated charts to help educate them with simple practical steps in foot care’.

The Diabetes Association of Australia knows the importance and devotion of Podiatrists in promoting practical steps for ‘Caring for your Feet’. ‘Knowing the risks and taking care of your feet can prevent serious problems like ulcers and amputation’.

David says ‘Learning to Love your Feet’ is the essence of looking after yourself, your feet, as you would nurture a child. Is it the realisation that our feet are important and to be grateful for the strength and support our feet have contributed to our lives.’

The Podiatry association reports that there are more than 300 different conditions that Podiatrists treat, including Ingrown toe nails, Callus/Corns, and many types of foot, leg, and Hip pain.

Daniel Lewis, who has worked at Kingston Beach as a Podiatrist for over 12 years, says ‘some people think pain in their feet is normal. It’s not true. One doesn’t need to put up with pain in their feet.’

Daniel and David, Podiatrists at Kingston Beach Health Center are here to offer a comprehensive assessment of your feet, and treat all types of foot conditions, pain and other disorders of the lower extremities.

Phone 6229 9844 to make an appointment, and ‘Learn to Love your Feet’.

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