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Healthy Feet leads to a Happy Life

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Healthy Feet Leads to a Happy Life by David Webby.

The Podiatry Council of Australia are promoting Healthy Feet during the month of October, and are urging people to visit their Podiatrists, to improve comfort, relieve pain, and discuss practical tips how to look after your feet.

Statistics from the Podiatry website state that the average human being walks around 128,000 km in their lifetime. Even by the age of 50, our feet may have covered 86,000 kilometers, making them more prone to injury and disease.

Daniel Lewis from Kingston Beach Health Centre says ‘as we age, our feet tend to spread and we lose the fat pads that cushion the bottom of our heels and the balls of our feet. Postural malalignments and imbalances also put stress on the feet.

A study of Australian feet in 2008 by Podiatrist Dr H Menz and associates found Foot Pain affects up to 24% of people over 65 years of age.

David Webby, who also works at Kingston Beach Health Centre, remarks that ‘many people, including older people, believe it is normal for feet to hurt, and resign themselves to enduring foot pain that could easily be treated. He goes to say that ‘the condition of our feet are a mirror of our health, and can provide early indications of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or circulatory disease.

Daniel says ‘Diabetes is also a very common condition that affects feet. People with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing serious foot problems because they are more likely to experience reduced blood circulation and nerve degeneration in their feet and legs, causing a decreased ability to fight infection, and increased pressure areas.’

Diabetes Australia recommends that people with diabetes see a podiatrist at least once every 12 months.

David says ‘there are more than 300 different conditions that they treat. Whether it be thickened nails or corns, or debilitating conditions such as arthritis or other foot pain, we are here to help.

That catchy saying ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ can certainly be applied to feet.’

The Podiatrists here at Kingston Beach Health Center are here to offer a comprehensive assessment for your particular foot problem, footwear assessment and general foot care. Remember Happy Healthy Feet certainly equates to a happier life.

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