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General Foot and Nail Care

We have an amazing level of sensation in our feet.  A small piece of grit in our shoe feels like a decent sized pebble, a tight fitting shoe will make our toes feel numb and disconnected, the stitching in our favourite pair of shoes can leave a painful patch on a knuckle or heel.  Our body does a great job of protecting us from the environment and conditions we expose it to, and will build thick layers of skin forming corns and callous on high pressure areas.  But, unfortunately our bodies protective mechanisms can actually cause us pain or discomfort.  That tight fitting shoe can cause a corn that feels not unlike a piece of glass pushing into our toe!  Or the thickened skin on a heel can crack leaving a painful wound.

The great news is that podiatrists can help you deal with these high pressure areas.  The thickened skin is like hair, the skin is no longer living, and can be removed as easily and painlessly as having a haircut. 

A visit to the podiatrist can leave your feet feeling wonderful and ready to pound that pavement again!

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