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  • Can I use my Medicare Card to claim my Podiatry Appointment?
    Not usually, however there is a type of referral called an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPCP), which is written by a GP to a team of Allied Health Professionals, to help fund a patient through the Medicare Benefit Scheme. Not everybody is eligible for an EPCP. A patient must have a chronic or terminal medical condition (a condition that has been present for 6 months on longer) and hold a valid Medicare card to be eligable. Examples of chronic medical conditions might include diabetes, cancer, stoke, heart disease or musculoskeletal conditions. Some points you need to know: 1) Referral is vaild for 12 months from the date that it is written. 2) Referral is vaid for a maximum of 5 visits to the Allied Health team, not 5 visits per practitioner. 3) Medicare will pay for only 5 visits per calendar year (1st January - 31st December). 4) Only the authorised number of visits stated on the referral can be claimed for each service type. 5) The full fee must be paid for the service at the time of treatment. 6) Your medicare rebate can be processed after the payment has been made, using our inhouse mediare easiclaim facility. To process the rebate we will need a savings or cheque account card (not a credit card) along with your valid medicare card. For more information, visit:
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